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Lululemon Plus Size Already!!!!!!

As a yoga student and new yoga teacher when you think yoga you think of Lululemon. So I went to the store during my glow of "I'm going to be a yoga teacher" with so much excitement. I knew they didn't carry my size because I had looked online many years ago and the largest size they have is a 12. What!!!??? I went into the store thinking what can I get to make me look more like a "yoga teacher". I ended up buying a bag and my husband later got me a yoga mat. I absolutely loved them!!!

Well now that I have had a bit of teaching under my belt I have realized that wearing Lululemon doesn't make me a yogi. I know I was shallow, we all are at times. I would like to thank brands like Athleta, Active Truth, Old Navy, Torrid, Rainbeau and all the other brands that make plus size active wear. I feel Lululemon wants to keep that skinny yogi stereotype out there because that's what is eye pleasing to society. Come on Lululemon, break that stereotype and accept that exercise, in general, is for all shapes and sizes.

I still use my bag and mat to this day because they are really functional. But when I step on my mat I feel a bit of shame for supporting a company that doesn't support me. If there are any yoga mat companies out there that would like to replace my Lululemon mat with one from a company that supports yogis of all sizes contact me!

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