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Well, where do I start.  I love yoga!  I had wanted to try yoga for years but had been extremely hesitant due to my size and people watching me.  I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle and signed up for the gym and they had recommended starting with their yoga class.  So I grabbed my gym bag and my insecurities and went to a yoga class.  Yes it was challenging but I was able to do most of the poses.  At the end of the class in savasana I was completely relaxed.  After that one class I was hooked and just fell in love with yoga and it just got better each time.

After a year of practicing yoga I decided to train as a yoga teacher.  I trained with some of the best teachers in Australia.  Yoga teacher training rocked me to my core and made me a better version of myself.  This version has more confidence and knowledge. After completely my 200 hour certificate I become curvy yoga certified so that I am better able to assist students with all types of bodies.  With my training and my own personal experiences this I am able to bring you a relaxing, welcoming, accessible to all, healing yoga class.  I encourage my students to be themselves in the poses and meet yoga where they are, not forcing it and remembering to breath.  I would love to meet you on the mat!


Group Classes

Reach out to me if you are interested in taking my classes.

Private Sessions

New to yoga, want to take your practice to the next level, or intimidated by going to studio.


a private lesson. Virtual sessions available.

“My first yoga class was one Crystal taught, she was very welcoming and the instruction was easy to understand.”
“Crystal's classes are so relaxing and accessible to everyone.”

Emily Jensen Wolf

Ann DeLay

“Loved Crystal's class. She used a lot of visualizations to help us recognize the stretches more accurately.  Each stretch flowed into the other and with her help we were able to get into the stretches even deeper.  Can't wait for the next class!!!”

Virginia Papagiannis

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San Luis Obispo, California

(805) 704-2699

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